It’s Never Too Early to Learn About the Importance of Saving

Earlier this year Will went into Colonel J. Fred Scott School where his wife, Linda, teaches grades 1 and 2  to speak about his job as a Associate at McClary Financial Advisory. This was part of a larger program where professionals from different industries come in to speak with the students about the importance of their job and what different careers looked like. 

 Questions varied widely from “do you wear a tie everyday?” To “What happens when my mom and dad can’t work anymore?”. Will broke out the basics of budgeting (income, expenses and investing) by doing an activity with each group and showing what happens with the money their parents make every month. 

 The presentations were concluded with Will showing what happens with the money their parents save every month and how it is invested and grows. 

Will hopes to do more of these presentations in the future and has been asked to speak at a couple of other schools in the Wolf Creek School Division.