Retirement Planning

There can be a lot of uncertainties about retirement — your finances shouldn’t be one of them. At McClary Financial, we take the time to identify what your ideal retirement life looks like, so we can work towards getting you there. We look at every aspect of your finances before beginning the planning process so we can confidently advise you on a customized retirement program. The best thing about retiring with our team is that we guarantee we will be with you every step of the way. Curious about how taxes will effect you in retirement? Or perhaps you’re retiring on two incomes and not sure which to use first? We will answer all the questions you have so you can enjoy the open road of retirement — worry free.  

Listed below is a diverse range of retirement planning techniques that our firm uses to ensure that each client is left with a well rounded and customized retirement plan. 

Debt Management
Portfolio Risk analysis
Portfolio fee Audit
Strategic Asset Allocation
Business Planning

Retirement Income Layering
Coordinating Tax Planning
Income analysis and integration
Tax Investment Strategies
Tax efficiency planning

Why People Choose Us

We create an experience much different than most financial institutions. Since we work one on one with our clients the resulting retirement plan is customized and driven by what our clients what. We give clients a clear view of their financial holdings so they can understand where they are at in relation to their retirement goals. Next, we provide direction on  "where to go from here" by providing honest and straightforward advice. Since we are an independent organization we do not represent any single bank, trust company, asset manager or insurance provider and by extension we don't represent their interests, giving us the freedom to truly represent yours.

We also collaborate with your existing group of professionals; Bankers, Accountants, Investment Councillors, Insurance Agents, brokers to ensure well informed decision making that will leave you with a plan that works with the rest of your life. 

Lastly, the McClary Financial team is dedicated to transparency. In order to build a long lasting relationship clients should understand our process, the outcome, how we plan to measure success and what the costs / fees will be. 


Questions about retirement planning? Let's talk.

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